Emerging technology, and network optimisation and intelligence

This focus area will develop a data-driven decision support system for optimising road network operations which will:

  • incorporate heterogeneous datasets with various nature and quality;
  • filter out noises and give accurate real time information of the traffic conditions;
  • automatically analyse historical trends and identify reoccurring patterns to help form optimal intervention strategies; and
  • in the longer term, dynamically feed data into constantly self-adjusting traffic and Artificial Intelligence based models of traffic with combinations of CAVs (Connected Autonomous Vehicles) and traditional vehicles that have sufficient predictive power to support applications ranging from short-term incidents management to long-term strategic planning.

This research focus areas has been informed through the activity of another seed project undertaken in tandem with the iMOVE Bid submission process and in consultation with Main Roads Network Operations, to identify key research need in the network operations area. Other potential  research areas emerging from this process include research in the rapidly developing area of technology change and its implications on travel including the inevitable implications of autonomous and connected vehicles.

In the case of these last two research focus areas, even if the iMOVE CRC Bid is not successful, the research needs identified in consultation with WA stakeholders in tandem with the Bid process, remain relevant and will be pursued in relation to other funding opportunities also being explored as part of the two seed business development projects.