Integrated land use and transport futures

This focus area for 2017-2019 is intended to inform the implementation of Perth & Peel@3.5million and the associated Transport@3.5 plans through the development and application of advanced technologies to enhance feedback between urban land use and transport systems.

Well-integrated land use and transport systems are key in achieving more efficient and sustainable travel patterns, leading to enhanced economic, social and environmental outcomes for urban futures. It developed from Sustainable Models of Urban Form (Strategic Business Plan 2013-2016), incorporated into the program area of Integrated Land Use-Transport Policy and Planning primarily for the purpose of academic leadership delegation (Business Plan 2014). Three substantive projects were completed in this area during the period 2013-2016 and a priority project (P1) approved by PRAC and the Board for 2016/17 (Business Plan 2016).

It broadly involves improving land use and transport integration now and into the future, using a systems-based, scenario-oriented approach to longer term strategic forecasting and evaluation, depending on and informing, integrated LU-T modelling. The dynamics of specifically sub-regional employment in relation to employment type and transport systems interactions will be a particular focus of research to inform emerging land use and transport policy challenges in relation to achieving employment self-sufficiency outcomes.