Integrated freight system optimisation

Through the provision of valuable data, information, solutions and tools, the Integrated Freight System Optimisation research focus area will improve freight transport efficiency and effectiveness and support the planning for economic clusters by providing a comprehensive overview of the freight patterns generated by industrial activities of varying types in metropolitan Perth.

It involves multi-modal supply chain optimisation, through amongst others, the development of methods and technologies for the heavy vehicle real-time monitoring throughout the network and to assist transport operators identify appropriate tasks by providing a platform to connect customers with the operators, minimising disruptions at the point of loading where there is often a load and vehicle mismatch.

In parallel and integrated with the iMOVE Bid submission process, during the latter half of 2016, a seed project has been undertaken to determine priority freight industry research questions in WA through consultation with a range of freight industry leaders and government partners. Integrated road, rail and port operational, pricing and investment solutions are required to ensure that freight is handled optimally. Three potential areas being considered for modelling application are:

  • potential for an inland port to determine the optimal way to connect incoming and outgoing goods flows to the Port of Fremantle, the East-West railway and the regional and metropolitan road and rail networks;
  • modelling to determine the efficient handling of export product (grain and mineral) movements and goods distribution to regional centres and mines; and
  • fresh food export freight and logistics.