Completed projects

  1. Developer Contributions for Transport: Baseline literature review
  2. Independent Transport Modelling Review
  3. Congestion Abatement Through Travel Demand Management
  4. AURIN WA Data Hub
  5. WA Freight Studies - Stage 1 – Research opportunities
  6. WA Freight Studies – Stage 2
    • Urban – Retail Supply Chains – Freight Vehicle Usage of Perth Metropolitan Roads
    • Regional – Grain Freight Activity on Southern Wheatbelt Roads
  7. Review of Infrastructure Planning and Financing Options for WA
  8. Infrastructure Funding Research Priorities and Project Planning
  9. Stated Preference Survey – Experimental Design
  10. Activity Centre Accessibility (RAC)
  11. Activity Centres: Making Land Use and Transport Work – Stations in or near freeway medians – Reconciling node/place conflicts
  12. Mass Rapid Transit for Perth & Peel @3.5 Million and Beyond
  13. Use of Mobile Fitness Application Data to Model Bicycle Usage Patterns
  14. Suburbs Research for Australian Cities
  15. Travel Behaviour Change
  16. Employment Self-sufficiency