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PATREC has established four research programs to undertake research and deliver high-impact outcomes, although collaboration between programs is expected and required.

These programs were developed in response to the research needs and questions arising from the stakeholder-informed strategic planning process, the research competence base across the three collaborating universities and emerging external funding opportunities.

Integrated land use-transport futures
Improving land use and transport integration now and into the future, using a systems-based, scenario-oriented approach to longer term strategic forecasting and evaluation, depending on and informing, integrated LU-T modelling.
Smarter travel decisions
Focus on the potential for deployment and integration of technology to enable more intelligent and connected transport choices and help Australian cities use resources more efficiently and defer the need for new infrastructure .
Integrated freight system optimisation
Improve freight transport efficiency and effectiveness and support the planning for economic clusters by providing a comprehensive overview of the freight patterns generated by industrial activities of varying types in metropolitan Perth.
Emerging technology, and network optimisation and intelligence
Developing a data-driven decision support system for optimising road network operations.