Research Forum 2017


On Monday 6 November  PATREC held their 2017 Research Forum.  This Forum showcased the current PATREC projects nearing completion.

A keynote presentation was given by Professor Joseli Macedo, Head of the School of Built Environment, Curtin University followed by eight presentations by PATREC principle researchers and collaborators to an invited industry audience.

  • Keynote-Speaker,Professor Joseli Macedo,Curitiba Brazil Before B.R.T and Beyond Presentation Slides [PDF]
  • Addressing Future Uncertainities of Perth @ 3.5 Million, What-If Scenarios for Mass Transit [PDF]
  • Sharing the Economy and Its Impacts on Transport [PDF]
  • Review and Testing Behaviour Change Theories [PDF]
  • Active travel and public transport among two specific demographic groups in Metro Perth [PDF]
  • PRAM Presentation [PDF]
  • Smart Rider Portal [PDF]
  • Smart Rider Data Driven Analysis [PDF]
  • Understanding Freight Demand Generation Patterns [PDF]