PATREC Perspectives

Integrated freight system optimisation

Improving freight transport efficiency and effectiveness, and support planning for economic clusters.

Smarter travel decisions

Understanding travel patterns and trends and people's travel choices, to better manage travel demand.

Integrated land use and transport futures

Developing and applying advanced technologies to enhance feedback between urban land use and transport systems.

Emerging technology, and network optimisation and intelligence   

Developing data-driven decision support system to optimise road network operations.

PATREC Perspectives

The intention of “PATREC Perspectives” is to communicate research findings in an accessible format, to present a substantiated research idea which may evolve into a full research project, or it may be a monitoring-type “Perspective” which periodically updates key planning and transport trends.

  • Sustaining Local Communities through Ageing-in-Place: Bus Transport in WA’s Wheatbelt

    Authors: Lucienne Burnham, Ying Huang, Bec Arnold, Mariana Atkins, Brett Smith and Fiona Haslam McKenzie PATREC Perspectives, August 2017

  • Estimating the size of Australia’s Suburban Population

    Authors: Prof David L.A. Gordon (Queen’s University), Assoc. Prof Paul J. Maginn (UWA), Research Assistants Alistair Sisson and Isabel Huston (UWA), Dr Monir Moniruzzaman and Prof Sharon Biermann (UWA)PATREC Perspectives, 28 Oct 2015 - [PDF, 904.2 KB] [DOCX, 3.5 MB]

  • Sensing Technology Innovations for Tracking Congestion

    Authors: Research Ass Isabel Huston, Prof Sharon Biermann, Associate Prof Doina Olaru and Research Associate Yuchao Sun PATREC Perspectives, 12 August 2015 [PDF, 489.0 KB] [DOC, 7.7 MB]

  • Tolls, Taxes or Travelsmart? - Travel demand management solutions for congestion

    Authors: Dr Courtney Babb, Ass Prof Brett Smith, Prof Sharon Biermann PATREC Perspectives, May 2015 [PDF, 436.1 KB] [RTF, 1.3 MB]

  • Going Platinum! - A new approach to transport modelling in Perth

    Authors Prof Sharon Biermann, Prof John Taplin, Prof Mike Taylor, Assoc Prof Doina OlaruPATREC Perspectives, 4 November 2014 [PDF, 2.0 MB] [DOC, 3.1 MB]

  • Perth Public Transport Patronage: “Off The Rails” or “Back On Track”?

    Authors: Assistant Prof Valerià Paül, Prof Sharon BiermannPATREC Perspectives, June 2014 updated 29 July 2014 and 5 Nov 2014 [PDF, 1.6 MB] [DOC, 2.6 MB]