Planning Boomtown and Beyond

A collaborative effort of PATREC’s academic, policy and consulting associates, this book has been published to communicate the results of PATREC’s collaborative, applied research undertaken in support of policy in the connected spaces of transport and land use planning in WA.  It assembles an inspiring collection of analyses, cases and policy options and shows possibilities for the modern-day Boomtown of Perth, on a trajectory to almost double its size by 2050. It provides guidance in developing the vision, foresight and preparedness necessary in planning and managing both the positive and negative consequences of boomtown’s across time and space

The book is available from UWA Publishing.  Contact PATREC on 6488 8029 or for further enquiries. 

Listed below are the individual book chapters.

PATREC produces several types of publications: peer-reviewed journal papers, reports and "PATREC Perspectives".

  1. PATREC Perspectives
  2. Reports
  3. Journal Articles
  4. Annual Reports

PATREC Perspectives

The intention of “PATREC Perspectives” is to communicate research findings in an accessible format, to present a substantiated research idea which may evolve into a full research project, or it may be a monitoring-type “Perspective” which periodically updates key planning and transport trends.

Sustaining Local Communities through Ageing-in-Place: Bus Transport in WA’s Wheatbelt
Authors: Lucienne Burnham, Ying Huang, Bec Arnold, Mariana Atkins, Brett Smith and Fiona Haslam McKenzie
PATREC Perspectives, August 2017
Estimating the size of Australia’s Suburban Population
Authors: Prof David L.A. Gordon (Queen’s University), Assoc. Prof Paul J. Maginn (UWA), Research Assistants Alistair Sisson and Isabel Huston (UWA), Dr Monir Moniruzzaman and Prof Sharon Biermann (UWA)
PATREC Perspectives, October 2015
Sensing Technology Innovations for Tracking Congestion
Authors: Research Ass Isabel Huston, Prof Sharon Biermann, Associate Prof Doina Olaru and Research Associate Yuchao Sun
PATREC Perspectives, August 2015
TOLLS, TAXES OR TRAVELSMART? - Travel demand management solutions for congestion
Authors: Dr Courtney Babb, Ass Prof Brett Smith, Prof Sharon Biermann
PATREC Perspectives, May 2015
GOING PLATINUM! - A new approach to transport modelling in Perth
Authors: Prof Sharon Biermann, Prof John Taplin, Prof Mike Taylor, Assoc Prof Doina Olaru
PATREC Perspectives, October 2014 
Perth Public Transport Patronage: “Off The Rails” or “Back On Track”?
Authors: Assistant Prof Valerià Paül, Prof Sharon Biermann
PATREC Perspectives, June 2014

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The reports are (one of) the outcomes of a project which is linked to one of the four leading PATREC research programs.

PATREC Technical Report:  Addressing Future Uncertainties of Perth at 3.5 Million: 'What-If' Scenarios for Mass Transit

PATREC Technical Report:  Factors Affecting Travel Behaviour Choice

PATREC Technical Report: Rapid Appraisal Model (P-RAM)
PATREC Technical Report: Travel Behaviour Patterns - Macro Analysis
PATREC Technical Report:  Travel Behaviour Patterns - Micro Analysis
PATREC Technical Report:  Understanding Freight in Perth
Mass Rapid Transit for Perth & Peel  @ 3.5 Million and Beyond Final Report and Working Papers
Activity Centres: Making Land Use and Transport Work
Authors: Dr Courtney Babb, Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith, Dr Ryan Falconer, Mr Richard Isted, Dr Monir Moniruzzaman, Associate Prof Doina Olaru, Prof Sharon Biermann – 2015
Stated Preference Surveys - Experimental Design
Authors: Ass Prof Brett Smith, Associate Prof Doina Olaru, Ms Huang Ying and Prof Sharon Biermann – 2015
Review of Infrastructure Financing Options for Transport in Western Australia
Author: Associate Prof Paul McLeod – 2014
Congestion Abatement through Travel Demand Management
Authors: Dr C. Babb, Dr M. Moniruzzaman, Prof S. Biermann, Ass/Prof B. Smith (Project Leader) – 2014
Transport Modelling Review: Independent Review
Authors: Prof J. Taplin, Prof M. Taylor, Prof S. Biermann, A/Prof Doina Olaru (Project Leader) – 2014
Perth’s South West Metropolitan Railway: Balancing benefits and costs
Authors: Adjunct Assoc Prof P. Lawrence, J. Georgiades, C. Holling, Dr C. Townsend, C. Curtis, Assoc Prof J. Kenworthy,
Prof J. Taplin, Prof F. Affleck – 2004

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Journal articles




Working Papers and Other Outputs (prior to 2015)

Measurement of Rail Safety Culture – An Australian Sample
Author: Dr I. Hart – 2014
Competition Policy and Railway Investment – Project Summary
Author: N. Wills-Johnson – 2007
The Networked Firm: A Framework for RBV
Author: N. Wills-Johnson – Oct 2006
Railways and the Just Price
Author: N. Wills-Johnson – 2006
Preliminary investigation into benchmarking the safety culture in the Australian rail industry
Author: I. Hart – March 2006
Future Directions in Railway Management and Regulation
Author: N. Wills-Johnson – October 2006
Economic Regulation of Railways in Logistics Chains: A Problem Looking for a Solution or a Solution Looking for a Problem?
Author: N. Wills-Johnson – 2006
Transit-Oriented Development in Western Australia: Obstacles and Opportunities
Authors: Dr J.L. Renne – 2005
Transformation of the Australian Car Fleet: Likely Responses to Current and Projected Petrol Price
Authors: Prof J. Taplin, Z. Abdoolakhan – 2005
Universities TravelSmart Resource Kit
Authors: Prof C. Curtis, C. Holling – 2003

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Annual Reports

The Annual Report describes the (business) year’s achievements and highlights.

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2013

Annual Review 2010

Annual Review 2009

Annual Review 2008

Annual Review 2007

Annual Review 2006

Annual Review 2005

Annual Review 2004

Annual Review 2003

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