Sensing Technology Innovations for Tracking Congestion

Sensing Technology Innovations for Tracking Congestion

PATREC Perspectives - August 2015

Drivers have increasingly been using inexpensive mapping applications imbedded into mobile devices (like Google Maps, MapFactor, Navmii and TomTom) to find their way in the city, to avoid congestion and find faster routes. In turn, by using these technologies drivers act as sensors providing up-to-date information to the service systems on real-time travel time along roads and congestion hotspots. Innovations in sensing technology have opened the window for government bodies and researchers to affordably use this type of data for congestion measurement and transport policy in many cities around the world.

This Perspective reflects on a research study testing the use of the Google Maps traffic function to measure travel time along segments of two highways in Perth, Western Australia, has found that this technology can be used as a viable alternative data source for measuring traffic congestion. Read PATREC Perspective.