Planning for the Future of Transport in Perth and Peel

The Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC) developes a Mass Transit Plan for Department of Transport

In June 2015 the WA Transport Minister, Dean Nalder, announced that the Department of Transport  had appointed the Planning and Transport Research Centre at The University of Western Australia to develop the ‘mass transit’ component of a transport plan for Perth and Peel to meet the needs of a future population of 3.5 million and beyond.

This research project will contribute to development of a larger Perth Transport Plan for 3.5 million People and Beyond (PTP 3.5) to serve this larger population and its workforce by providing better access and more transport choices across Perth and Peel. PTP 3.5 will be a major cross portfolio project to plan long term structural changes in Perth’s transport network by looking at options for demand management, mass transit and road and river crossings, complementing the Department of Planning’s report Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million.

The ‘mass transit’ component of this project will investigate contemporary and alternative transport solutions and apply lessons learned from other cities around the world to help ensure future Perth and Peel are a well-serviced, accessible and connected city. The research will focus on the main infrastructure corridors and linkages needed to provide high-capacity mass transit services.

This high-level research study will be led by a steering committee comprising Adjunct Professor Dr Fred Affleck (Chair of PATREC’s Advisory Board), Adjunct Professor Stuart Hicks AO, and Mr Eric Lumsden PSM (Chairman of the Western Australian Planning Commission).

For further information see the website of the Department of Transport.

Call for Submissions

Submissions from members of the community relating to the ‘mass transit’ component of the PTP 3.5 transport plan for Perth and Peel will be welcomed by the steering committee. Submissions in writing should be sent by 24 July 2015, addressed to:
By email: (quoting 'Mass Transit Plan' in the subject header)
or by post:
Steering Committee
GPO Box C102, Perth WA 6839