Mobility in Aging: Travel Behaviour and Implications for Physical Activity

Mobility in Aging: Travel Behaviour and Implications for Physical Activity

Research Seminar presented by Dr Monir Moniruzzaman (UWA Business School) on Thursday 7 August 2014 at 3pm.

Rapid demographic aging in countries around the world has prompted an interest in understanding the mobility patterns of seniors. While much research has been conducted in terms of motorized modes, the promotion of healthy aging argues for new research to investigate the multi-modal travel behavior of seniors including active travel. The objectives of this study are fourfold.

The first two objectives investigate the factors that influence use, length, frequency of two motorized (transit and car) and one active mode of transportation (walking) of seniors. The third objective is to introduce a concept of Compliance Potential Mapping (CPM) that produces maps to show spatial variation in percentage of physical activity requirements seniors obtain from their regular walking for transport. Finally, this study implements a street segment sampling approach and investigates the attributes of walkable environments from the perspective of seniors. 

The results of the analyses reveal a significant degree of geographical variability in the travel behavior of seniors in Montreal Island, Canada. Demonstration of CPM indicates that seniors in the central parts of Montreal Island obtain higher percentage of physical activity guidelines from walking, but with variations according to gender, income, possession of driver’s license and vehicle. The results of the walkability analysis suggest that, other factors being equal, walking is more prevalent in street segments with marked cross–walks, horizontal and vertical mixtures in land uses, and low traffic volume. Other factors being equal, walking was less prevalent in segments with unmarked cross–walks, single residential and/or vacant land use, and high traffic volume.

Date: 7 August 2014
Time: 3.00pm - 4.00pm (followed by refreshments)
Venue: BUSN 201 Business School, Case study room
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