Congestion Abatement through Travel Demand Management

Congestion Abatement through Travel Demand Management

The Transport Portfolio WA responded to the PATREC Strategic Business Plan by identifying a range of research priorities, one of which was “Demand Management”. 
PATREC proposed a first phase of a broader project to study the relative importance of the range of factors that affect congestion, developing and applying a decision tool for decision-makers to assess the relative cost and benefits of a range of Travel Demand Management (TDM) measures in the abatement of congestion in Perth.

Report A: This report presents a review of the existing travel demand management (TDM) instruments used nationally and internationally to reduce travel demand and shift travel mode to address urban transport problems. A matrix of TDM instruments is presented, categorizing instruments according to their means of managing travel demand and the transport markets they operate within.

Report B: This report gives an overview of the appraisal tools, evaluation procedures, performance measures and congestion measures that may be used as the basis for selecting, implementing and reviewing TDM initiatives. This report provides an international review of the tools used to appraise the potential effectiveness of employing a particular TDM instrument (or suite of instruments) to a specified market, route or area.