PATREC Research Advisory Committee (PRAC)

The PATREC Research Advisory Committee (PRAC) was established in 2016 following a recommendation of the PATREC Review.

Comprising one to two senior representatives from each partner organisation, chaired by a nominated representative of one of the government partners, elected by the Board, the objectives of PRAC are to:

  • introduce an element of formality and rigour to the research project identification, selection, support, monitoring and dissemination process;
  • enhance communication amongst partners; and
  • advise the Board on project level matters, allowing the Board to focus on strategic matters.

PRAC Members

Brett Hughes (Chair), Department of Transport
Craig Wooldridge, Department of Transport
Douglas Morgan, Main Roads WA
Kamal Weeratunga on behalf of Tony Earl, Main Roads WA
Damien Martin, Department of Planning
John Chortis, Department of Planning
Owen Thomas, Public Transport Authority
Keith Hampson, Curtin University
Craig Standing, Edith Cowan University
Ferry Jie, Edith Cowan University
Doina Olaru, The University of WA
Brett Smith, The University of WA
Sharon Biermann, Director PATREC
Chao Sun, Research Fellow PATREC
Linda Robson, Research Fellow PATREC